Planet 7 casino review: can you play for free ?

Brief history of Planet 7 Casino
The casino was established in 2009 by BTK Ltd Casinos. It is interesting to note that the founders of this company are professionally involved in testing and certification of casino games. The team consists of professionals in such fields as: quality specialists, high-tech engineers, communication engineers, systems compliance engineers, software and hardware engineers and mathematicians.

No wonder that Planet 7 Casino provides entertainment at the highest level and is constantly being improved and refined.

Many will certainly be pleased to hear that Planet 7 Casino takes the underage gambling ban very seriously. They check all accounts in this respect in great detail. Any detection of irregularities in the data entered during the Planet 7 Casino registration process will result in immediate expulsion from the casino and a ban on future returns. The casino has implemented a policy of zero tolerance for minors to such an extent that it has information on its website for parents on how to block access to the casino if they have children who could enter it.

Planet 7 Casino also does not ignore the problem of gambling addiction. For years it has been trying to adjust its policy to provide the best possible support to players with problems. Among other things, the casino’s website provides links to pro bono organizations that help people with gambling addiction.

Casino games

The casino offers over 100 free games of chance. These include:

Online poker for free
Online Roulette for free and Blackjack
Hot spot machines
Other card games, such as dice or keno
Special games
Planet 7 Slots Casino offers classics such as fruit games and modern 3D slot games. This wide range of slot machines should not surprise anyone. They have been popular ever since they were invented in land-based casinos. Admittedly, at the very beginning of the internet age and online casinos, one would expect classic slot games to lose their charm, without a huge machine, physical tossing of coins, and finally without the possibility of pulling the plug. This did not happen, however, and with great success immediately adopted in online casinos. One can consider whether this is because the way they play is very universal or because they have finally become accessible to all fans, regardless of where they live.

Planet 7 Casino on the phone works very well, it goes fast and users should not have any problems when using this version.

Planet 7 Casino software

Planet 7 Casino uses Real Time Gaming software, basing all its casino games on it.

The choice of an RTG casino game manufacturer is probably one of the best possible. They have one of the largest libraries in the industry with a variety of slot machines and gaming systems available.

No less wide range of choice is available for table and card games, from American and European roulette, through 6 types of Blackjack, to the largest number of poker games with relatively large (casino) payout possibilities.

By using X-ray software, the casino gives the player the choice of whether to play in the casino through a browser and Flash Play system, or to download the relevant software to their computer. It is worth noting that downloaded games are always of better quality than those played from the browser. But the smoothness of the game is maintained, so if you don’t want to install anything on your computer, you don’t have to worry about performance problems.

Planet 7 Casino customer service
Planet 7 Casino has a Live Chat, where you can contact a consultant. Unfortunately, everything is done only in English.

In addition to the chat, forms of contact are also available:

Fax: +1-866-725-1109
Free phone for the USA and Canada: +1-888-402-2065
The casino also makes sure that the customer is kept informed about all news and promotions. Every user who logs in to Planet 7 Casino can expect to be contacted by the Casino about: promotions, competitions, lotteries and can receive newsletters.

However, you can stipulate that you do not wish to receive this type of information and Planet 7 Casino ensures that in such cases, no information is sent to players.

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